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Maximize Customer Satisfaction, Project Management Efficiency, and Profits with Our PMCC Methodology

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you need to follow the PMCC methodology:

  • Have you run out of staff due to increased sales generated by your sales team?

  • Does your team lack knowledge of project management processes?

  • Does your project-assigned team serve very few clients, and yet you have pending projects?

  • When starting a project, do you not know who will be involved, or does the client change expectations?

  • Do you believe your project team could handle more projects effectively?

  • Do you have no idea when a project is completed or how to follow up after it's finished?

  • Are your projects not progressing as planned, or do you receive numerous customer complaints?

  • Do your customers complain about a lack of communication regarding project progress?

  • After meetings and time invested, do you still not have clear responsibilities between your company and the customer?

  • Do your customers feel they were not adequately attended to and that the project did not meet their expectations?


Would you like?

  • To know when it's time to hire more personnel.

  • Access to all project documentation easily.

  • Quickly identify which projects are going well and which are not.

  • Increase your team's efficiency.

  • Expand your sales by offering more projects to your existing customers.


  • Our Project Management courses have trained over 25,000 students, and our methodology has been successfully implemented in more than 5,000 companies.

Optimizing Time:

  • By downloading the 17 PMCC methodology templates, you'll save over 40 hours of work in establishing proper documentation that has already been tested and optimized!

Exclusive offer:

  • Get the templates today and get ahead of your competition. Regular price: $200. Exclusive discount for today only: $10.


  • Formats tha you will recieve:​

    1. Project Management Plan: This format will help all the organization to understand the procedure related with the life cycle of the projects.​

    2. Forecast of Resources Needed vs Resources Planned:  With this format we can plan the human resource needed in the future, to complete the projects included the sales pipeline. 

    3. Requirement Of Resources To Specialty Column:  This is a document to request human resource for a specific project.

    4. Stakeholders Registry:  There is different stakeholders in the project (some want the project, another one don't) and with this format we can analize the actions needed to improve the relation with the stakeholders.

    5. Risk Registry:  A risk is an event on the future that should happen or not, that affect the project.  Could be positive or negative.  Have a probability and an impact, and with this format we can consider actions for the most high probabiliy x impact risks.

    6. Prekick Off Meeting Invite:  This is an Email format, to invite all the people from the company to participate in the initial internal meeting. 

    7. Kickoff Presentation: It is the format tha we will use to show the customer how we are going to handle the project.  All the politics related.

    8. Weekly Project Status:  We need to comunicate to the customer how the project is going on.  The most important indicators are scope finished / all the scope, hours consumed / hours planned.  When this two indicators are close the health of the project is Ok.

    9. Minute Format:  With this format, we can have best practices to send the summary of the project status.

    10. Lessons Learned:  We want to improve the development of the project, and with this format we know what we do well, and what we need to improve.

    11. Resource Allocation:  With this format, we can identify if we can assign to a resource another project based on their weekly ocupation.

    12. Dashboard of Active Projects:  This is the most important format, with this you can put all your efforts in the projects that have bad health (percentage of scope - percentage of hours consumed) or the customer feeling (Sad or Indifferent).

    13. Hours by Resource:  With this format, we can establish how many hours we are going to bill to the customer.  And a KPI (percentage of hours billed) that help us to improve the billing.

    14. Satisfaction Survey:  This format is in a document, but we suggest to implement via Google Forms or another tool to share with the customer.  Help us in two different ways:  1) to know the feeling of the customer 2) If the customer never answer, we can say it if ther is claims with the project

    15. Invite to Internal Closure:  This is an Email format to include the operational team, and it is internal, before the project closure.

    16. Closure Presentation:  This will be the presentation that we will show to the customer, related with all the documentation.

    17. Project Closure Act:  With this document, we will close the project, and need the sign of the customer.

Fill the form and get the formats for just US$ 10.00

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