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Is a company that developed software for credit lending businesses and has global implementations. They faced project management issues, both in developing new versions and implementing the software for clients. Since adopting the PMCC methodology, they gained control and predictability over development timelines. They used agile project management for development and hybrid project management for implementation.

With PMCC, they achieved a 30% improvement in their implementations, saving 30% of consultant time. Projects started flowing faster, allowing them to handle 15 simultaneous projects, up from 5, resulting in a 250% increase in profits. Customer satisfaction skyrocketed from 3 to 8.5.

Moon Advertisment Lab:

Moon Advertisement Lab is a traditional marketing, PR, CSR, and digital marketing company. They often had discrepancies between client requests and project deliverables, leading to client dissatisfaction and potential losses. PMCC helped them align client needs with project outcomes, ensuring client satisfaction. They can now determine the profitability of projects, increasing customer satisfaction from 4 to 9 and boosting project profits by 120%.

Urrea Ingeniería:

They specializes in construction projects, mainly for a bank that hires them for branch remodeling. Before PMCC, projects were challenging due to unclear client requirements, billing issues, and missed deadlines. PMCC improved client satisfaction from 4 to 8, clarified project requirements, and led to on-time and on-budget project deliveries. They doubled their project volume with the client.

Cloud Consulting Company:

The following company provides cloud services throughout Latin America. Initially, projects took 3-4 times longer than planned, with 12-15 simultaneous projects. Implementing PMCC allowed them to achieve a 95% project success rate, boosted customer satisfaction from 3 to 9.5, and enabled exponential growth, managing over 100 concurrent projects.

These success stories demonstrate how PMCC methodology can lead to better project management, increased profitability, higher customer satisfaction, and substantial business growth.

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